“For what ever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and what ever is concealed is meant to be brought out into open.”

There are things in life that can’t be explained with words. Things that are hidden and beyond comprehension. Things that are about to be brought out into open.

The songs are about hope and knowing the fact that certain things in life have a deeper meaning. The stories in the songs are colored with wide soundscape and harmony. Serafiel is passionate about finding fresh ways to perform their music.

The Marks -album was released in summer 2013. The first two singles got the audience excited. The story-driven music video of “Beyond the Sun” gives more insight to the theme of the album. After releasing the debut album Serafiel is performing in major festivals in Scandinavia.

Serafiel is:
Juhan Gummerus (voc & guitar), Cristian Gummerus (drums), Joona Laurila (bass) and Janne Lampinen (guitar).


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  • 6.8.2014
    Serafiel @ Frizon Festival, Kumla, Sweden